Quiz 5

If you had a problem with your version number of EID on quiz 5 please be patient. Currently the system is not letting us make these changes to get your quiz graded. Travis will deal with this ASAP. If you have not emailed him your EID and version number than please do so. If you have already, then rest assured he has it and will fix it as soon as the system is fully functional again.

No more points

For those of emailing looking for something to do to earn a few extra points, the class is over. You have your points. From those points I calculated your grade.

Final Grades

Your final letter grades should now be posted online. You should be able to access them through UT Direct. If you don't know where to find your grades login to UT Direct and search for "grade" . Then go to "Student Grade Report". This will navigate you in UT Direct to academics >> grades >> grade report

Final Grade and Averages

All the grades including your final numerical score are now posted on eGradebook. If you were exempt from the final your final average inlcudes a zero for the final. But as you knew you were exempt from the final you will not worry about this. Otherwise the grade is computed as the best scenario of all your scores, just the final, or dropping you lowest exam and replacing it with the final.

Many people have inquired about the changing class average on Quest. The averages on Quest were changing as previously they included the zeros from the people who didn't take the final. They now refelct only the people who too the final.

If one of your scores is recorded incorrectly please let me know so we can see if it will affect your final average. If not, there is not need to email me to discuss your grade as there is nothign to discuss. Your grade is based on the points you earned and nothing more.


Thank you for your many messages regarding your final grades. My apologies for not responding to most of them. I will work to finalize the grades this weekend. I need to make sure all the bubble sheet errors are fixed in addition to any missing extra credit.

Your grade is based on the points you earned on the exams, quizzes, and extra credit. That is all.

Practice Exam

I don't have a practice exam, but thankfully you have one handy for yourself. For every exam we had two versions. If you want more practice look that the version of the exam that you didn't take.

Formula Sheet

This formula sheet will be given to you are the exam. If you think something is missing let me know and I will think about putting on. The last formula has an error. It should be ln(k2/k1).

Averages before final are here

The final averages are now posted. They reflect all your grades to date including all dropped problem on all exams. The score that is the average before the final is your score. If it is greater than a 90.0 points you are exempt from the final. If not you are not. Please email me if somehow you didn't get credit for one of your extra credits. Those are the only scores at this point that might change. Also, let me know if you have a zero for exam3 or makeup 3 so we can try to get it fixed.


The final exam is on Wed, May 7 from 2-5. That is it. There is not alternative time. You should not have a conflict. You will need to take it at that time. You cannot schedule a different time even if you have three finals on that day.

Last name A-K will be in WEL 2.224
Last name L-Z will be in UTC 2.112A

Final Review

I will have reviews on Monday and Tuesday from 2-3:30. I will post the room location tomorrow. There was no room in Welch, so we are across inner campus drive in WCH 1.120.

ExtraCredit is Done

The deadline for the extra credit was 3AM 5/2. It has now passed. If you did not get an email response that you extra credit was received, then you will not receive credit.

Makeup Exam3

if you turned in a form requesting to take the makeup exam you should have received an email about the place and time. It is 6-8 in Wel 2.304.

Final Exam Questions

1. Theory: Temperature and Physical Equilibria (theory = no calculation)
2. Theory: Dissolving gases, liquids, and solids
3. Theory: Dissolving gases, liquids, and solids
4. Ranking Miscibility of Liquids
5. Navigating a Phase Diagram
6. Calculating: Relating ΔG to K. NOTE: THIS HAS CHANGED
7. Calculating Vapor pressure for a binary mixture
8. Calculating: Claussius-Clapeyron Equation
9. Ranking: Van't Hoff + concentration effect on colligative property
10. Calculation: Colligative Property
11. Setting up K from equilibrium expression
12. Calculating: Equilibirum concentrations from K
13. Reaction direction from Q and K
14. LeChatlier's Principle and reaction direction
15. Van't Hoff equation and the temperature dependence of K
16. Temperature dependence of Kw
17. Ranking acid/base strength based on Ka (Kb)
18. Acid/Base Approximations
19. Simple Acid/base calculation (stong, weak, buffer)
20. Simple Acid/base calculation (stong, weak, buffer)
21. Indentifying buffers
22. Buffer Neutralization calculation
23. Features of Titration curves
24. Titration of a weak acid(base) with a storng base (acid)
25. Titration of a weak acid(base) with a storng base (acid)
26. Estimating solubility from Ksp
27. Calculating solubility from Ksp
28. Common Ion calculation using Ksp
29. Equilibria for a polyprotic acid
30. Ranking polyprotic acid species in solution
31. Polyprotic Acid calculation
32. Equilibrium calculation polyprotic acid
33. Mass and charge balance
34. Equilibrium calculation dilute solutions
35. Relating, E, ΔG and K
36. Balancing Redox Reactions
37. ranking oxidizing and reducing agents
38. stiochiometric calculation and current
39. interpreting electrochemical cell diagrams
40. cell conventions: electrolysis vs voltaic
41. understanding standard reduction potentials
42. calculating cell potentials (not Nernst)
43. calculationg cell potential (Nernst)
44. famous batteries
45. assing rate expressions
46. factors affecting reaction rates
47. method of initial rates
48. integrated rate law calculation
49. extracting kinetics info from straight line plots
50. kinetic theory
51. Arrhenius calcuation
52. reaction mechanism
53. Ea and potenital energy surfaces
54. Famous catalysts
55. properties and reactivity of main group elements
56. properties and reactivity of main group elements
57. properties and reactivity of main group elements
58. organic nomenclature
59. organic nomenclature
60. biopolymer nomenclature and function

Final Note

If you are turning in your extra credit in the middle of the night tonight, then it will take me a bit to get it uploaded. I quit around 7PM. I'll try to get the rest of them tomorrow.

Grade up dates and cutoff

How the grade up to this point has been calculated can be found on the grading page. In short, you quizzes were worth 160 point. This is your quiz average on eGradebook * 1.6. Your exam were worth 540 points. This is you exam average * 5.4 This has a maximum score of 700. Divide by 7 you get a score out of 100. Add one point for each extra credit.

This can be conviently found for you on eGradebook under the assignment heading, average before the final.

If your score is above a 90. Then you are getting an "A" and you do not have to take the final. Note: this already takes into account you extra credit. So without the extra credit your score could be as low as an 87 as long as you did all three extra credit.

Note: your exam3 grade may increase if I drop any questions. As such you may yet be exempt. All things will be finalized by Monday. If you are not sure if you are exempt from the final or not, then email me to confirm this. Do not simply assume that an average of 89.2 will be rounded up to 90 and you don't have to take the final. This is not the case. And no, as of this moment I'm not rounding.

Last but certainly not least. There is a chance there may a problem uploading the scores. Therefore if you have an average of 28% and it says you have a 95% don't assume you will get an "A". Likewise if you have a 95% and it shows a 25% let me know so I can get it fixed (but that sort of goes without saying).

Grade on eGradebook

All the grades are finally up and posted on eGradebook. These grades reflects all of the dropped questions from the exams and quizzes. Remember everyone gets the points from the dropped questions right or wrong. You don't get any extra points it you happended to have gotten the question correct (this was not the case with the scores on Quest). Also, your iClicker grades are posted. They were calculated as followed. We had 27 days on which we had quizzes. If you answered (anything) on at least half the questions that day, you got one point. You receieved 100% if you had at least a 20/27. Otherwise your grade was scaled accordingly. Your quiz average is the best four of the six quizzes plus you iclicker score. I am working on getting the extra credit recoreded. This will take a while. If you have a problem with any of your grades please let me know so I can try to figure it out.

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