Quiz 5 key posted

HW 5 key posted

Cut offs

Looking over the exams to this point the grade cutoff will be as stated as my original estimates in the syllabus. There will be a 15 point scale.

A will be >= 85
B will be >= 70
C will be >= 55

If you currently are on the boarder, then improve you average on the last exam.

HW 5 is posted

Week 5

We will cover the first 7 sections of chapter 26. We will also cover a bit of the material in section 26-11.

Old Quiz 4

These contain questions on solid/solid mixtures that we did not cover. Along with some general phase diagram questions we did not cover. Ignore. Also, some materials may be on old Quiz 3.

Quiz 3 key posted

sorry for the delay


In chapter 24 focus only the following sections

24-4, 24-5

In chapter 25 focus only on the following sections

25-1, 25-2, 25-3, 25-4

HW 4 posted

HW 3 Key posted

Quiz 2

Average was a 148. If you are looking to sort out that on a A,B, C, ...scale go with the same 15 point cutoff guidelines outlined in the syllabus


Looking things over we will be covering chapters 22, 23 this week as we pretty much finished 21 last week. We will not deal with the following.

section 22-8
section 23-5

Quiz Dates