Quiz 5

If you want to pick up Quiz5 tomorrow you can come and get it from Micah between 10-10:30 in Wel 3.150. The grades are online. The key is on the hw page

Online Course Instructor Surveys are Open

Please take the time to complete the survey so I can continue to work on improving the course in the future

Exam5 Summer 2007

I realized I posted a pdf of a draft of the old exam rather than the real thing. That is now fixed. Solutions will be posted end of day on Tuesday

Change HW5

I have slightly modified HW5. I added a couple of book problems.

Quiz 4

Ridiculously high class averagge of a >160. Very nice.

Change HW4

There is a change to HW 4 (a new revised version has been posted on the homework page. I added problem D6.6. I removed the problems from chapter 7.

Quiz 3

Class average was at 155! Nice work. Same cut offs as before


According to the registrars website, the final exam will be Friday July 11 from 7-10 PM.

Quiz Dates