51045 T/Th 11:00-12:30AM

Final Exam Stats

The average on the Final was a 217 with a median score of 224 out of 300. The standard deviation was a 44 points.


My office (and Matt's office) has moved to WEL 5.201 as they will starting renovations in one wing of Welch in the new year.

Final Grades

Final exam grades can be found on Blackboard. We should have a key up later today. You can get your final from Matt, but he is out sick today (12/15). The final grades were scored on the same scale we outlined all year.

A > 900
A- > 850
B+ > 800
B > 750
B- > 700
C+ > 650
C > 600
C- > 550

Your grade is based solely on your preformance on the hw, exams, and extra credit. (100 points from the best 8 HW scores, 600 points from you top 3 exams, 300 points from the final, +30 potential extra credit).

If you have a question about your grade please email me so we can check that the grades I have recorded for you are correct. Otherwise there is nothing to discuss about the grades. Given the generous extra credit assignments we had during the semester there is not any "extra" rounding. The extra credit has essentially accomplished this already. I wish you all the best of luck in your academic pursuits. You were a great class this semester.

other grades

All grades other than the final and the total points are now posted on Blackboard. Everything will be up on the afternoon of 12/15. If something is wrong please contact me so we can see how to fix it. This is particularly true of last minute chnages to exam 4.

Extra Credit

Extra Credit is now posted on Blackboard. If you feel like you followed all the instructions and yet did not receive credit for an assignment please let me know. Each assigment counted for 10 points towards you total of 1000 for the semester.

Exam Dates