Ions you should know

You should know all the ions and their charges in Table 3.9 in the book

Chemicals I should know

On this page we will review different chemical compounds and/or nomenclature schemes that you should know. For each compound you should know the name, formula, how it is bonded, and it would be nice if you know in general something about it. To find out this "information" I will leave you to the many resources of the amazing "internet" or any other source you can find that you trust.

Compounds/molecules everyone should know

Formula Name
H2O water
NH3 ammonia
CH4 methane
CHCl3 chloroform
C2H2 acetylene
C2H6 ethane
C6H6 benzene
CH3OH methanol
C2H5OH methanol
HCl hydrochloric acid
HNO3 nitric acid
H2SO4 sulfuric acid
NaOH sodium hydroxide
H2 hydrogen
N2 nitrogen
O2 oxygen
CO2 carbon dioxide
CO carbon monoxide